.aa file
A synonym for archive specification file.
The primary entity that AutoArchive operates with. It has a name and holds the configuration used to create the corresponding backup. Archive is represented by the archive specification file.
archive specification file
The configuration of an archive. It contains all information needed for creation of a single backup, such as: archive name, archive root directory, list of directories and files which should be included and excluded, etc. It can also contain some of the configuration options. The file has extension ‘.aa’ and is sometimes referred as “.aa file”. For more information see Archive Specification File.
archive specifications directory
Directory where archive specification files are stored. It can be configured via the archive-specs-dir option.
Result of the backup creation operation. For example a *.tar.gz file.
backup level
For incremental archives it represents an iteration of a particular backup. It start from 0 which always represents the full backup. Values 1 and greater represents diff backups to previous level. The physical representation of a backup level is increment.
configured archive
See archive.
A backup that has a particular backup level. For example a *.2.tar.gz file is increment of backup level 2. It applies to incremental archives.
keeping ID
The identification of kept backups. It can have values from a following set: ‘aa’, ‘ab’, ..., ‘zy’, ‘zz’ where ‘aa’ is ID of the most recent kept backup.
kept backup
A backup that normally should have been already removed or overwritten but was preserved under a different name. The new name consists of the original name and its keeping ID, for example *.aa.tar.gz is a kept backup with keeping ID ‘aa’.
See backup level.
orphaned archive
Archive that has no archive specification file but has some data stored (snapshot files, information about last backup level restart etc.).